Chris Greenman wrote:
So am I right in assuming:

inherit-pkg-dir = pkg install from global zone
installs the files in the global zone and simply
updates the package database in the non-global zone.

inherit-pkg-dir assumes that the package is already installed in the global zone, and files from the pkg are in the directory specified with that directive. But yes, the zone's pkgs db is updated with about the pkgs in that directory.


lofs = a package install from the global zone installs
the files in the global zone then tries to install the
files in the non-global zone (which fails of course
because the file system is read only).

Using a lofs mount does not cause any pkg-related actions. It's simply another fs mount type.

If you lofs-mount a directory into a zone, and the dir has pkgs installed into it, users in the zone should be able to use the application installed by the pkg, but would not be able to use pkginfo or pkgchk to determine that the pkg has been installed. Further, if you want to patch the pkg later, the patch tools will decide that the pkg is not installed in the zone and refuse to patch that zone.

--- [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:

That was kinda my thinking too but I guess an lofs
mount would do the same thing.  Quick question


what is the major different between an


and an lofs mount?  This is one area of zones I
haven't really researched that well.

If you don't use inherit-pkg-dir, the zone
installation will
copy all packages installed in that directory.

Not something you want for blastwave packages; you
to share them.


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