> In general, we have the 4 standard values (/usr, /platform,
 > /lib & /sbin) for a sparse zone and no settings for a whole-root
 > zone.  The one gray area is probably /opt.  We were just
 > talking about this the other day and if we should impose
 > some restrictions on inherit-pkg-dir to make things a little
 > more sane.  It might be helpful for us to hear from people
 > what inherit-pkg-dir settings they use, beyond the standard
 > sparse settings, and why they chose those.  We are thinking
 > about the possibility of having a setting for a sparse vs.
 > whole-root zone instead of having to set inherit-pkg-dir,
 > but we also recognize that there might be some issues around /opt.

FWIW, I think this is a wise move; inherit-pkg-dir is a lot of rope.

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