By default, Solaris Containers do not have resource controls. Up through S10 11/06 you could add many resource controls to Containers, directly or indirectly, but some of them were... 'challenging' to use. ;-)

S10 7/07 improves the situation greatly, moving many of the 'indirect' controls (e.g. physical memory capping) into the 'direct' category. In doing that, it also made them much easier to use. But default settings are still absent.

This was clearly demonstrated in a recent research paper at Clarkson University. They compared resource isolation of 4 different v12n solutions: Vmware Workstation, Xen, OpenVZ and Containers. I did a quick summary of the Containers conclusions: . That blog has a link to the paper, too.

I would like to gather thoughts and opinions on this omission: should Containers have default RM settings? Is there a better method to solve this problem? If not, which settings should have defaults?

It might make sense to use FSS for all zones, but some work may be necessary to avoid creating new problems. If that can be done, assigning a default of 1 share per zone would make sense.

A reasonably large default value for physical capped-memory might be valuable, but might cause its own problems, e.g. more support calls: "I have 1GB of freemem, but the system is paging! Why?!?"

Etc.  Thoughts?

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