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Another option for RM templates would be that the template is a pointer to a set of RM defaults instead of being used directly during zone creation. This way, changing RM settings of existing zones would simply entail changing the template in one place. Or, when moving a zone to another class of RM defaults, by changing the template reference in that zone (i.e. from SUNWsmall to SUNWmedium).

Also, regardless of the model we use, any defaults should not be based on the hardware configuration of the system when the zone is first installed. After the zone is moved to a different system, defaults should be calculated when the zone boots. If default caps are in use, maybe the zone should re-calculate caps at boot time.

Otherwise, caps chosen when the zone was first created could be very inappropriate, perhaps completely ineffective, after the zone is moved.

This has the potential to surprise someone who doesn't expect re-calculation, but is better than incapacitating the entire concept of default caps.

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