I don't know the answer, however here is the translation to English.

In French “If I am in a zone room, how to know at what a total zone it is attached”!! ?

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Sabri Ali wrote:
Think's for your responses, but my question is if i'm in a local zone, who i know which global zone is depends "which global zone is his parent" !
im sorry but my english is bad !!
En français "Si je suis dans une zone local, comment savoir à quelle zone globale est-elle rattachée" !! ?
Merci d'avance


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I used "/usr/sbin/zoneadm list -vi". If the global zone is listed with the others, you are on the global zone. If you used it on a local zone you will only see that zone.

# /usr/sbin/zoneadm list -vi
ID NAME             STATUS         PATH
0 global           running        /
2 rlogic           running        /zones/rlogic
3 utility          running        /zones/utility

Local Only:

# /usr/sbin/zoneadm list -vi
  ID NAME             STATUS         PATH                         
   2 lqweb            running        /                            

Some other ideas to look at zone status, I have posted at :

http://www.logiqwest.com/dataCenter/Demos/RunBooks/Zones/zoneStatus.html which are free to browse.

Hans Spaans wrote:
if  i'm in a zone localy how do i know the zone global, with which command

I'm not aware of a command, but I have seen two possible solutions. The
first one is using sneep since then you can see the hardware serial number
of the machine you're running on. This requires that your eeprom has been
set up correctly and you need to keep record of the zones.

The other requires some modification with zonecfg and you need to mount
/etc/nodename from the global zones with lofs (read-only) to /etc/chassis
in the non-global zone. This one should also work when you detach and
attach zones and move them to another box.

Some people prefer to go with extra records in DNS, but that solution
seems to be doomed since it requires extra maintenance to keep your DNS up
to date. That part always gets forgotten when time passes.


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