This question has been asked before. This  is the trick we use:

Since the zone command  /usr/sbin/zoneadm list -vi does not display the name of the global zone when logged on to a local zone, we added to the global zone OS filesystem in "/usr/bin" a script/command called "zone-global-name". This script has the global zone name hard coded and echoes its name. e.g.

echo "<global zone name>"

Now every time we build a new local zone this command is copied or shared with the local zone depending on the type of zone created. This installs a command that will always show you the name of the global zone when you are on logged on to the local zone.

Kind of a hack, but it works for us.

Boyd Adamson wrote:
"Sabri Ali" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

if  i'm in a zone localy how do i know the zone global, with which command ??


This should probably be in the FAQ. It last came up about 2 weeks ago:

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