Liam Merwick writes:
> The LDoms community would be happy to be part of an umbrella Virtualization
> community involving the BrandZ, LDoms, Xen and Zones communities (or as
> projects - depending on what OS.o process is ultimately decided on).

This isn't the rationale that was provided to the OGB.  The rationale
provided looks more like this:

and this:

That is, LDoms are special.  We were told rather directly that there
was no point in having a Virtualization community because there was
_NOTHING_ that could be shared between these projects -- no high level
management or coordination, no tools support, and no joint projects.

If that's not true, then it certainly comes as news to me.

> the communities. The LDoms community would be more that satisfied to be part 
> of
> an overall cohesive virtualization community

Then I don't understand why the repeated requests by OGB members and
others to go this direction -- to create a Virtualization community to
cover LDoms, Xen, Zones, and others -- were rejected by the LDoms

The only ones in favor of the broader community were the other groups,
such as Xen:

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