James Carlson wrote:
> Brandorr writes:
>> It seems there is a majority of people in favor of this. What do we
>> need to do to make it happen?
> I think the main barrier is getting the LDoms team to agree.  They
> seem to feel that they need a separate community from the rest of the
> virtualization mechanisms on Solaris, and that a common community
> would serve no useful purpose.

The LDoms team requested that an LDoms community be created in keeping with the
existing BrandZ, Xen and Zones communities (i.e. created on an equal footing to
those communities).

We asked for an LDoms community so that we could get up and running now
independently of discussions to create an overall Virtualization community.

> I don't quite agree, but in our last OGB meeting, we did approve the
> LDoms community proposal.
> Going ahead with a virtualization community that _doesn't_ involve
> LDoms seems much more feasible to me.

The LDoms community would be happy to be part of an umbrella Virtualization
community involving the BrandZ, LDoms, Xen and Zones communities (or as
projects - depending on what OS.o process is ultimately decided on).

Once the LDoms Community have a place to put email lists, webpages and code
repositories the discussions that are LDoms specific can happen there and the
discussions and collaborations that span all the communities can happen in the
Virtualization community. Hopefully as the LDoms community comes up to speed,
those of us who have not been vocal on OS.o aliases can contribute more to all
the communities. The LDoms community would be more that satisfied to be part of
an overall cohesive virtualization community

-- Liam
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