yes and no
as a field SE, my interest in virt is very simple
1)find out why customer is using which virt tech for what, and SUN can 
support their need in various virt tech from Sun or 3rd party
2)not really into code, but would like inference the discussion on 
implementation, provision and management of various virt tech
3)help  to create plan for SUN to attack the virt market and grow Sun

Darren J Moffat wrote:

> LaoTsao(Dr. Tsao) wrote:
>> IMHO, if opensolaris can be supported guest OS in vmware
>> then vmware  has something to do with opensolaris.
>> some obvious advantage
> I agree but all the things you listed (which I've deleted from my 
> reply) are better suited to other OpenSolaris communities than 
> Virtualisation.  They appear to me to be more about advocacy or system 
> admin and providing prebuilt "try out" solutions rather than how 
> viritualisation is actually implemented which would be the major focus 
> of a Virtualisation community.

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