> How about a variant of:
> ps -o zone,user,pid,args -u fred
> This may produce ugly yet correct output (assuming
> that all zones use
> the same name service - may break anyway if ps is
> "too smart").  You
> can adjust the columns to match the -flZ output if
> desired.

Or how about something with a non-procedural language,
like a MySQL custom engine that could treat the contents of
/proc/*/psinfo (or /proc/*/lwp/*/lwpsinfo), stat() on /proc/*/fd/*, etc
(with relevant fields corresponding to asterisks attached) as relations?
(extend that as desired to /system/contract, insofar as that has information
over and above what /proc has; heck, extend it to sysinfo (sar raw data),
kstats, and any other interesting system or process data for which there's a
defined interface; don't forget being able to talk to dtrace, too).

Only thing is, I'm not into  MySQL enough to know what it offers in the
way of output formatting control...
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