> > > Indeed my copy of the man page says to use "ps -o" if you want longer
> > > zone names.
> >
> > Which was the result of one of the bug reports I mentioned
> > initially. If you're going to have to do that, why have the -Z
> > flag at all?
> I'm not sure why this was done this way.  I'll go see if I can track
> down someone who might know the rationale.
> That said, it seems silly to me too.  I'd be happy to work with you
> /sponsor for you a fix if we can understand what exactly the constraints
> are.

OK, I've seen Andy's reply in the pgrep thread, so basically
I believe we should just print out the whole zone name. In other
words, %8.8s becomes %8s, and if it's short it will line up like
it does at the moment. If it's long, it will be ugly but accurate.

I should also fix the zone header so that everything will line up
properly if the zone names are short enough. Which then leads
to the question: how should the ZONE header line up? At the
moment it's in the middle of its column with 2 spaces either side
- which seems odd given that most headers are right-justified. I'm
tempted to push this to the right as well.

And should the username truncation problem be addressed as well?
(And if so, done as part of this or separately?)  I presume this is the
web page mentioned earlier:


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