On Sat 29 Sep 2007 at 11:44AM, Peter Tribble wrote:
> OK, I've seen Andy's reply in the pgrep thread, so basically
> I believe we should just print out the whole zone name. In other
> words, %8.8s becomes %8s, and if it's short it will line up like
> it does at the moment. If it's long, it will be ugly but accurate.

I agree.

> I should also fix the zone header so that everything will line up
> properly if the zone names are short enough. Which then leads
> to the question: how should the ZONE header line up? At the
> moment it's in the middle of its column with 2 spaces either side
> - which seems odd given that most headers are right-justified. I'm
> tempted to push this to the right as well.

Weird, I thought it *was* right justified in the column?  Maybe
you can post an example of what you mean; I see this:

    ZONE   PID TTY         TIME CMD
  global  9056 pts/8       0:00 vim
  global  9072 pts/8       0:00 ps
  global  9055 pts/8       0:00 sh

And to me it looks right justified, since the PID column is 5 digits in

> And should the username truncation problem be addressed as well?
> (And if so, done as part of this or separately?)  I presume this is the
> web page mentioned earlier:

Well, I don't know the answer, I'm not very knowledgable about user names.
My suggestion would be to tackle the zone problem first, since it is
small and uncontroversial (to me, anyway).  As you point out, the output
is not very useful, so I can't imagine anyone would have built anything
which depends upon it.

I'm happy to sponsor a fix, or can develop one when I have the chance.


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