On Mon 01 Oct 2007 at 11:28AM, Dan Price wrote:
> So, stay tuned.  We've been sorting this out for about a week now, and are
> at work on getting a patch out as fast as possible.  For contract
> customers, filing an escalation on bug 6608977 should get you access to
> binary relief (in the form of an IDR) as soon as it is available.
> As you may know, there is a huge amount of new zones functionality in S10
> 8/07, so this regression is particularly humbling.  Again, please accept
> our apologies.

Just as a followup to this thread (I sent another mail to the alias
as well), I wanted to give a status update.  It appears that this defect
can now be corrected by applying 127111-03 (SPARC) or 125914-01 (x86).

As I mentioned before, we've got some changes coming in our test suites
to make sure we don't get hit by bugs like this in the future.  Thanks
again for your patience.


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