On Tue 02 Oct 2007 at 07:35AM, Konstantin Gremliza wrote:
>     Someone earlier stated that this was also broken in SXDE-- as far as
>     I know that is *not* the case.  One of the reasons this has been a
>     troublesome area is that in Nevada the /dev zones implementation is
>     radically different from S10, due to the existence of the "devnames"
>     project in Nevada.  Hence the S10 and Nevada code is pretty in this
>     area.
>             -dp
> Before I posted this to [zone-discuss] I tried again on SXDE 09/07, and the
> same problem occured.
> Adding a device match will not create any device files in ZONEPATH/dev.

Konstantin, we'll go back and retest SXDE 9/07, although at present we
don't have a bug for this problem open against SXDE.  As I said, the
code is basically completely different in that area between SXDE and
S10, so it would have to be a new and different bug.

My desktop is a SPARC box running build 72 (which AFAIK is SXDE 9/07)
and I don't see this there; this is an example of adding, then
removing a pseudo device in a basic test:
  # uname -a 
  SunOS snowdog 5.11 snv_72 sun4u sparc SUNW,A70
  # ls -l /aux/foo/root/dev/lockstat
  /aux/foo/root/dev/lockstat: No such file or directory
  # zonecfg -z foo 'add device; set match=/dev/lockstat; end'
  # zoneadm -z foo reboot
  # ls -l /aux/foo/root/dev/lockstat
  crw-r--r--   1 root     sys       89,  0 Oct  3 02:55 
  # zonecfg -z foo 'remove device match=/dev/lockstat'
  # zoneadm -z foo reboot
  # ls -l /aux/foo/root/dev/lockstat
  /aux/foo/root/dev/lockstat: No such file or directory

(Please note that I'm not advising that anyone add /dev/lockstat to
their zone; I simply used it as a test case).

Perhaps you could post your SXDE test case?


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