Thanks to all. I will move forward with this.

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>Hi Paul,
>EndaO'Connor wrote:
>> Mangan wrote:
>>> I just jumpstarted a T2000 twice. Once with 118833-33 and once with 
>>> 120011-14.
>>> The first time there was no problems with the November 2006 118833-33 
>>> but when I re-jumpstarted it with the 120011-14 8-07 release I ended 
>>> up with multiple messages stating "cannot negotiate hypervisor". I 
>>> checked the internet for some message like that and found BUG 6459302 
>>> which stated "State  11-Closed:Not Reproducible (Closed) "
>>> Hate to say this but I just reproduced it.
>>> Does anyone know of a workaround or a fix for it?
>>> Paul Mangan
>> Hi
>> I suspect that's it because 120011-14 ships bits that are hypervisor 
>> aware, by that I mean Ldoms if you upgraded the firmware to latest bits, 
>> it would go away, it's harmless I suspect.
>> Could we  get the full message just to be sure
>You are running into 6539243 ldc prints warning messages on console when 
>newer Solaris with older SysFw (6.3.x) - Fixed in snv_67 and s10u5_04
>The message indicates that the ldc driver (part of LDoms support) cannot get
>services that it needs from the firmware because the firmware is an older
>revision that what LDoms requires (the 6.4 Firmware release or greater). This
>message is harmless if you do not plan to run LDoms - if you do want to run
>LDoms you have to upgrade your firmware.
>The reason you are seeing the messing with 120011-14 is because that KU 
>the LDoms drivers, whereas with 118833-33, there were delivered in a separate 
>patch (124921-02)
>-- Liam

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