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Our customer wanted to configure Global and Local zone in completely difference IP Subnet and use difference default router. Understand that existing Solaris 10 prior to update4, it's quite impossible, as the Global zone will still see the Local zone IP traffic and the routing can only be done of Global zone. Doing so, the Global zone has becoming part of the member in the Local zone subnet....

After escalated, SUN Backend engineer has advised that it can be done on Solaris 10 update4. Now, customer wanted to upgrade from Solaris 10 11/06 u3 to update 4, to have that feature. The following is some of our customer's questions (In Green), my research (In red) and question at the bottom of this email. Hope this email isn't too long for your to read....

1, What would be the technical impact on their ecosystem? Any impact on Solaris volume manager and container?

Starting with this release, *Solaris* Live Upgrade has been changed with the following enhancements: <== Taking about Solaris 10 08/07 u4


     You can upgrade the *Solaris* OS when non-global zones are
     installed on a system by using *Solaris* Live Upgrade.  <== Then
     what about Solaris 10 11/06 u3?????

2. A written confirmation from Sun that by updating the Solaris, it will resolve their issue.

Found the following:

Determine whether the zone will be a shared-IP zone or an exclusive-IP zone.

For a shared-IP zone, which is the default, obtain or configure IP addresses for the zone. Depending on your configuration, you must obtain at least one IP address for each non-global zone that you want to have network access. For an exclusive-IP zone, determine the data-link that will be assigned to the zone. The zone requires exclusive access to one or more network interfaces. The interface could be a separate LAN such as bge1, or a separate VLAN such as bge2000. _*The data-link must be GLDv3*_. A data-link that is *not* GLDv3 is identified as type: legacy in the output of the dladm show-link command.

Document Say the GLDv3 is supported on the interface types: bge, xge, and e1000g. But, _*Customer** E25K is running most ce interface*_

Questions as follow:

1. Can we live upgrade the Solaris 10u3 to u4 without impacting their existing solaris container/zone?

2. After upgraded, is their existing interface card supported to configure global and local zone in difference subnet and use individual default router without interface each other the global and local zone.

3. How to configure it?

Any advise and comment are very much appreciated. Thank you in advance


Tony Wong

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