On Tue, 2008-08-19 at 11:36 -0700, Steve Lawrence wrote:
> Add a new service "do-single-user-patch", make it depend on filesystem-local.
> This service is typically disabled.  This service will add the patch(es)
> and reboot.

The same could be done with a custom milestone which might be less
confusing.  I like the elegance of that solution as it relies less on
what works now in favor of a defined environment which presumably would
get better coverage for zones and zfs [zone]root.   And further
refinement would only impact patching rather than the booting process
as a whole.

rc scripts doing things with SMF seem a permanent solution to a
temporary problem.  In my virtual universe there are no rc scripts :)
And then the alarm clock goes off and I return to reality.  But it does
promote rc hackery rather than fixing the problem in SMF where it

reboot -- -m milestone=patchinstall seems elegantly simple.


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