> >It should be ok to issue smf commands from an smf service, as long as they
> >do not try to do any synchronous operations (-s).
> Seems a little convoluted, but might be workable.

I can't see any straightforward way to interrupt boot without changing the
milestone.  You could make lots of services dependent on a patching
service, but that will have a maintenance burden.  It also may not play well
with 3rd party services.

> patch-install-service might need to
>     ms=`svcprop -p options/milestone svc:/system/svc/restarter:default`
>     svcadm milestone "$ms"


> if the patches installed don't need a reboot.
> >This approach is also good because an explicit boot to single user WILL NOT
> >attempt to install pending patches.
> That would be very nice, but are you sure?  It seems like 
> patch-test-service would override the milestone specified at boot time, 
> and the system would continue up to the patch installation milestone.

Ugg.  Right.  I suppose the patch-test service needs to do nothing if the
current milestone is single-user.  A bit hack-ish in that regard :(


> >Disabling the patch-test and patch-install services will disable the
> >automatic installation of pending patches on reboot.
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