Nils Goroll wrote:
> I suggest to introduce an additional milestone (e.g. milestone/ready) 
> with optional dependencies on all "system" services, roughly matching 
> the time when rc3 is run.

That's much later than is desirable for these patches.  The goal is to 
have the system as quiet as possible.  Historically, I believe the only 
things running in single-user mode are init and the shell.  There's more 
than that now, but it's still pretty limited.

The reason that the system needs to be quiet is that (for instance) a 
patch might install new versions of two kernel modules.  If one of them 
was currently loaded and the other was not, activity on the system might 
cause the new one to be loaded.  If it's not compatible with the 
already-loaded old version, bad things might happen.

> By convention, all non-system services would be (strongly) recommended 
> to depend upon this service. This would also make application specific 
> services more rubust. I've seen a couple of examples where SMFs would, 
> depend upon filesystem/local and network/physical, but fail if the user 
> configured the application to use an NFS mountpoint, for instance. This 
> would also facilitate the introduction of additional services which are 
> a requirement for all applications in the general case.
> In the current context, this milestone (and the requirement for all user 
> apps to depend upon it) would provide a way to make sure patching is 
> done at the right time.

I believe that the point you describe pretty much corresponds to 

I don't have a strong opinion on whether non-system services should be 
encouraged to wait for such a milestone.

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