I am new to Solaris containers. Can somebody please clarify the below questions:

1.      What are the supported versions of Solaris that support Containers 
concept? As per my search on this from "Solaris 10 Update 4 or Update 5" 
onwards containers are supported.  Am I right?

2.      Can raw disks be exported to Solaris containers from global zone? Using 
"zonecfg" command we tried exporting devices (disk partitions/SVM volumes) to 
containers. Once they have been exported we are unable to see those in the 
"/dev/dsk" directory of the non global zone.

Is there a known issue regarding this?

3.      Is there any concept of virtual HBA in Solaris Containers? Are external 
disks from the storage arrays presented directly to the Solaris container? Can 
multipathing software be configured on the Solaris container?

4.      Is Volume management (SVM and VxVM) supported inside Solaris containers 
today? Some of the old documents show that the volume management commands are 
accessible but are modified to display the below message. Is this still valid 

VxVM command_xxx ERROR msg_id: Please execute this operation in global zone.

5.      Can somebody clarify me whether ZFS is supported for containers? Since 
ZFS has the concept of creating pool of devices first and on top of that file 
systems can be created. I would like to know what kind of support is there 
today for ZFS for Solaris containers?

6.      What cluster softwares (Ex: VCS, Solaris) are supported with Solaris 
Containers today?

7.      Can we get CPU and Memory utilization statistics used by a specific 
container (either from with in the container or from global zone)?

8.      What databases are supported today for Solaris containers? As per the 
bigadmin document "db_in_containers", only non-RAC Oracle is supported by 
containers. Is this still valid today or is there support provided for Oracle 

        Is DB2 supported inside containers?

Thanks in advance.


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