Tamer Embaby wrote:
> Steffen Weiberle wrote:
>>> 5.      Can somebody clarify me whether ZFS is supported for containers? 
>>> Since ZFS has the concept of creating pool of devices first and on top 
>>> of that file systems can be created. I would like to know what kind of 
>>> support is there today for ZFS for Solaris containers?
>> This is evolving. You can delegate a ZFS file system into a zone. With 
>> the upcoming S10 10/08, the zone path is fully supported on ZFS. A 
>> future is to have a zone clone automatically do a ZFS clone--this is 
>> already in Solaris Nevada/SXCE.
> Can you please clarify what is the problem of having zonepath on ZFS on 
> S10 prior to 10/08?
> I already have 2 servers running S10 5/08, each running multiple zones, 
> some of these are having
> their "zonepath" on ZFS, and so far I never got any issues.  Even some 
> of these zones are
> branded Solaris 8 zones.

There is no way to upgrade your system at this point.
Work is underway to improve live-upgrade so it handles
this case, but there are still issues being resolved.
Until those are fixed, you can't upgrade without
deleting the zones first.

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