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> I am curious if you have plans to make it Solaris 10 compatible.

I do all development on Solaris 10. The script makes an effort to
distinguish between the different capabilities of the different
Solaris 10 updates.

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> Subject: [zones-discuss] Zone Statistics: monitoring resource use of zones
> It has become clear that there is a need to monitor resource
> consumption of workloads in zones, and an easy method to compare
> consumption to resource controls. In order to understand how a
> software tool could fulfill this need, I created an OpenSolaris
> project and a prototype to get started. If this sounds interesting,
> you can find the project and Perl script at:
> http://opensolaris.org/os/project/zonestat/ .
> If you have any comments, or suggestions for improvement, please let
> me know on this e-mail list or via private e-mail.

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