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> So sometimes an update might be meaningless, ie
> I can have an x86 FCS system ( from cat /etc/release )
> but it has grub,zfs and all the latest zones functionality, just by
> adding 137137-09, plus the near 30 patches requires to get that on board.
> To me they probably need a patch automation tool to tell them what is
> currently available in terms of patching, and they see what they need
> from that.

Interface changes always have an associated ARC case ID with them,
right?  Why not make it so that the software that delivers an
interface delivers some metadata that says that the interface
specified in the ARC case is on the system.  Any time a patch or
installation delivers, removes, or deprecates a feature (interface)
this metadata would get updated.  A stable interface is then needed to
query and update that metadata.

The "important" (worthy of marketing or release notes attention) could
get a corresponding feature-based meta package, allowing
administrators to easily install the feature.


A nice extension on that would be a means to for software to register
as a consumer of the interface.  Perhaps that is just a soft
dependency in the packaging software.  Another thought would be to add
dtrace probes at the entry points to the interfaces so that a
interface watch daemon could track interface users (e.g. by using
process contract decorations).

Mike Gerdts
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