On 01.12.2008, at 17:36, Enda O'Connor wrote:
> So just to clarify, the next Lu patch to release  
> ( 121430-30/121431-31,
> saprc/x86 ) that releases will relax that restriction in terms of
> upgrade of zones on zfs, basically allowing zones on zfs to live
> anywhere, ie top level dataset, lower level dataset, or a directory  
> ina
> dataset
> ie
> zfs create zones/zonehome
> zonecfg : set path=/zones/zonehome/myzone-01
So what are the restrictions? I thought you where able to use zones  
and LU in update 6. Now creating my own zfs pool or file system in the  
root pool isn't a problem. But what is the required setup to use in  
10u6 to get it live upgradable without the patch?

So long
Ralf Weber

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