> Now the only caveat is that you must also apply this patch to the ABE, 
> prior to booting it, ie
> apply LU patch 121430-30 to live system
> run lucreate
> run luupgrade ( if upgrading from pre u6 )
> apply 121430-30 to the new BE using luupgrade -t ( or patchadd -R )
> The last step MUST be done prior to luactivate, so even if you are 
> creating a BE for patching ie skipping the luupgrade step, you still 
> need to apply the patch after lucreate and before luactivate.
> Not doign so can result in not being able to boot back to original BE 
> once new BE is activated.

Hey Enda,

For clarity,  once I'm up and running on a BE with u6 + 121430-30, if I
create another ABE for the purpose of patching or upgradeing, do I need to
re-apply the latest LU patch to it again?


(running u5, the decribed scenerio):
patchadd 121430-30
lucreate ABE
luupgrade ABE u6 (or perhaps patch up to some u6 KU)
luupgrade ABE -t 121430-30
luactivate ABE

Now I want to patch to th next KU, or upgrade to U7)
(running u6 or some equivalent ku)
patchadd <latest u6 lu patch>
lucreate BBE
luupgrade BBE to next KU patch (or maybe update to u7)
(do I need to add latest lu patch to BBE??)
luactivate BBE


-Steve L.

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