> > As I've mentioned in the past to Dan, it's worth noting that Crossbow is
 > > not the only project that has significant impact here -- e.g., Clearview
 > > UV and Clearview IPMP (among other projects) also made significant changes
 > > to both kernel and userland that are presumed to be in lockstep.  I
 > > suspect you will be safe with shared-stack, but exclusive stack will pose
 > > some significant challenges, and in some cases you may find the path of
 > > least resistance is to use the S11 userland binaries inside the S10 zone.
 > Using the S11 binaries might be what we wind up doing
 > for this.  We haven't started to investigate the exclusive
 > stack yet, so we don't know all of the issues.  We do
 > already have a mechanism for running binaries from the
 > global zone and we do use that in some other cases already.
 > One concern might be around 3rd party S10 apps that want to
 > do networking stuff directly.  I'm not sure how common
 > that would be or what, if anything, would not work.

That should be pretty uncommon as the affected interfaces are unstable,
undocumented, and undergoing fairly regular change.

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