Mike Gerdts wrote:
Any thoughts on supporting live upgrade?  That is, I would like live
upgrade within the branded zone to work as it does for a S10 global
zone.  I don't care about it from the upgrade standpoint, but it is a
very helpful tool for patching.  Having a zfs zonepath is an
acceptable prerequisite.


We know that we need to come up with some sort of
solution for being able to upgrade a solaris10-branded
zone.  We have this on our list of things to look at
but we haven't started on that yet.  I don't know if
we'll try to make live-upgrade work inside a branded
zone or if we'll try something else.  Making live-upgrade
work would probably be hard but until we get into it,
we don't know how hard.  It might be that we do something
else since its already easy to clone a zone.

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