On Tue, May 12, 2009 at 6:28 AM, Jerry Jelinek <gerald.jeli...@sun.com> wrote:
> Zones have been part of S10 since its FCS, so in general S10 is
> already zone-aware and does the right thing in most cases.  Commands
> that are zone-aware will continue to work as they do today in
> S10 native zones.  One set of commands which does require emulation
> are the S10 SVr4 packaging and patch commands.  Those commands are
> zone-aware and in some cases will check if they are running in the
> global zone and refuse to function if not.  If running in the global
> zone they will also attempt to look for other zones to operate on.

Any thoughts on supporting live upgrade?  That is, I would like live
upgrade within the branded zone to work as it does for a S10 global
zone.  I don't care about it from the upgrade standpoint, but it is a
very helpful tool for patching.  Having a zfs zonepath is an
acceptable prerequisite.

Mike Gerdts
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