Peter Memishian wrote:
 > Part 2: solaris10 Brand
 > ____________________________
> > The solaris10 brand is conceptually similar to the existing solaris8
 > and solaris9 brands and builds directly on the BrandZ infrastructure
 > that was created to support the lx brand.  Familiarity with BrandZ
 > and the solaris8 and solaris9 brands is assumed.
> > At this time the design and development of the brand is only
 > supporting the shared stack [6] networking model in which the zone's
 > network is managed by the global zone.  The exclusive stack model
 > is anticipated to require more complex solutions or emulation due
 > to the introduction of Crossbow [7] into  The exclusive
 > stack issues will be resolved before commitment review.


As I've mentioned in the past to Dan, it's worth noting that Crossbow is
not the only project that has significant impact here -- e.g., Clearview
UV and Clearview IPMP (among other projects) also made significant changes
to both kernel and userland that are presumed to be in lockstep.  I
suspect you will be safe with shared-stack, but exclusive stack will pose
some significant challenges, and in some cases you may find the path of
least resistance is to use the S11 userland binaries inside the S10 zone.

Using the S11 binaries might be what we wind up doing
for this.  We haven't started to investigate the exclusive
stack yet, so we don't know all of the issues.  We do
already have a mechanism for running binaries from the
global zone and we do use that in some other cases already.
One concern might be around 3rd party S10 apps that want to
do networking stuff directly.  I'm not sure how common
that would be or what, if anything, would not work.

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