On 08/19/10 05:56 AM, Robert Hartzell wrote:
On 08/17/10 03:28 PM, Ian Collins wrote:
On 08/18/10 09:18 AM, Robert Hartzell wrote:
I have 2 zones on a disk that I have mounted from a dead system.

bertha/zones 6.86G 126G 24K /mnt/export/zones
bertha/zones/bz1 6.05G 126G 24K /mnt/export/zones/bz1
bertha/zones/bz1/ROOT 6.05G 126G 21K legacy
bertha/zones/bz1/ROOT/zbe 6.05G 126G 6.05G legacy
bertha/zones/bz2 821M 126G 24K /mnt/export/zones/bz2
bertha/zones/bz2/ROOT 821M 126G 21K legacy
bertha/zones/bz2/ROOT/zbe 821M 126G 821M legacy

Can I somehow transfer these zones from this disk to a new system?


You can send the filesystems over to the new system and attach the
zones. See the instructions for migrating a zone for more details.

One step that wasn't in the instructions is the use of the -d option to
attach a zone that wasn't detached, so you want something like:

zoneadm -z bz1 attach -d bertha/zones/bz1/ROOT/zbe

That didn't work because the zone data set isn't mounted completely and I can't figure out how to get it mounted. I'm trying to get the disk to boot but seems to be stuck at:

What exactly didn't work?

You shouldn't have to mount anything for the steps outlined above to work.


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