On 08/26/10 06:27 AM, Robert Hartzell wrote:

Ian, sorry it took a while to get back to you. When I import the pool this is what i get.

pfexec zpool import -R /mnt bertha

ls /mnt
bertha  export  var

zfs list | grep bertha
bertha                      102G   126G    84K  /mnt/bertha
bertha/ROOT                 34.6G   126G    19K  legacy
bertha/ROOT/snv_134         34.6G   126G  10.9G  /mnt
bertha/Vbox                 46.9G   126G  46.9G  /mnt/export/Vbox
bertha/dump                 2.00G   126G  2.00G  -
bertha/export               8.09G   126G    31K  /mnt/export
bertha/export/home          8.09G  51.9G  8.01G  /mnt/export/home
bertha/mail                 1.58M  5.00G  1.16M  /mnt/var/mail
bertha/swap                 4G   130G   181M  -
bertha/zones                6.86G   126G    24K  /mnt/export/zones
bertha/zones/bz1            6.05G   126G    24K  /mnt/export/zones/bz1
bertha/zones/bz1/ROOT       6.05G   126G    21K  legacy
bertha/zones/bz1/ROOT/zbe   6.05G   126G  6.05G  legacy
bertha/zones/bz2            821M   126G    24K  /mnt/export/zones/bz2
bertha/zones/bz2/ROOT       821M   126G    21K  legacy
bertha/zones/bz2/ROOT/zbe   821M   126G   821M  legacy

pfexec zoneadm -z bz1 attach -d bertha/zones/bz1/ROOT/zbe
Log File: /var/tmp/bz1.attach_log.bgaqcT
ERROR: Unable to create the zone's ZFS dataset.

Please post the config for the zone.

pfexec cat /var/tmp/bz1.attach_log.bgaqcT
[Wednesday, August 25, 2010 10:34:53 AM MST] Log File: /var/tmp/bz1.attach_log.bgaqcT [Wednesday, August 25, 2010 10:34:54 AM MST] A ZFS file system was created for the zone.

I think the problem is that there is no actual data available after the pool is imported because the mount points are set to legacy

That shouldn't matter, the import will mount the zone's filesystem.


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