On 08/25/10 02:20 PM, Ian Collins wrote:
On 08/26/10 08:33 AM, Robert Hartzell wrote:
On 08/25/10 01:19 PM, Ian Collins wrote:
Please post the config for the zone.

?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE zone PUBLIC "-//Sun Microsystems Inc//DTD Zones//EN"
DO NOT EDIT THIS FILE. Use zonecfg(1M) instead.
<zone name="bz1" zonepath="/export/zones/bz1" autoboot="false"
brand="ipkg" ip-type="exclusive">
<network address="" physical="vnic2"/>

I also noticed that I cant change the mount point from legacy because
the data set is in a non global zone. All I really need is to recover
the mysql database from the zone.

Two points:

Does the root of the zonepath (export/zones) exist?

yes, other zones are already installed so no problem there.

You can set the "zoned" property of the filesystem to off.

I have imported zones by setting zoned off and mounting the zbe
filesystem (before I found about about the -d option).

Ok I was able to change the zoned property and mount to another location. I was able to recover the database... but still couldn't attach the zone.
Now I can get back to working on getting the disk to boot again.

Thanks for all the help.

  Robert Hartzell
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