just make sure via
pkg info entire
in global zone that it says 175 not 151, seems your global was still at 151, ie express.

On 11/02/2012 15:03, gerard henry wrote
your reply gave me an idea, but now the machine is rebooted with old BE:
- when i booted the new BE, and did attach -u, i forgot one essential thing explained in 13352339: ORACLE SOLARIS 11 EXPRESS 2010.11 SRU 13 REPO ISO IMAGE - as i workoed with the lofiadm way, i forgot to re-mount it after reboot, and i guess this is why the "attach -u" does nothing.

As soon as possible, i'll test it

thanks for all replies,

2012/2/11 Enda O'Connor <enda.ocon...@oracle.com <mailto:enda.ocon...@oracle.com>>

    According to this your global zone is at
    151 ie express

    Global zone version: entire@0.5.11,5.11-

    in global zone run
    pkg info entire
    if that says 151 then can i see
    pkg publisher

    If that points to s11
    can I see
    pkg update -nv '*@latest'


    On 11/02/2012 14:06, gerard henry wrote:

        i exactly have the same problem, but "detach; attach -u"
        didn't solve it

        But it seems that the attach -u doesn't upgrade, according to
        the messages:
        # zoneadm -z www attach -u
        Log File: /var/tmp/www.attach_log.LGaqKg
                       Attach Path: /zones/www/root
                Attach ZFS Dataset: rpool/zones/www/ROOT/zbe-4

                        Installing: Using pre-existing data in zonepath
               Global zone version:
           Non-Global zone version:
                             Cache: Using /var/pkg/publisher.
          Updating non-global zone: Output follows
        No updates necessary for this image.

          Updating non-global zone: Zone updated.
                            Result: Attach Succeeded.

        after the system has booted with:
        SunOS Release 5.11 Version 64-bit

        I don't understand what you said with "pkg -R ... image-update" ?

        thanks in advance for help,

        2011/10/5 Ian Collins <i...@ianshome.com
        <mailto:i...@ianshome.com> <mailto:i...@ianshome.com

             On 10/ 5/11 09:26 PM, casper....@oracle.com
        <mailto:casper....@oracle.com <mailto:casper....@oracle.com>>

                     Before I go through the pain of logging a support
                   has anyone
                   seen or fixed the following problem:

                   I ran an update on a fresh Solaris 11 Express
        system from
                   the support
                   repository and after restarting, all the systems
        zones are
                   dead.  The
                   zone consoles report:

                   SunOS Release 5.11 Version 64-bit
                   Copyright (c) 1983, 2010, Oracle and/or its
        affiliates. All
                   rights reserved.
                   Requesting System Maintenance Mode
                   (See /lib/svc/share/README for more information.)
        signalled: SYS

               The zones run an older version of the Solaris software
        and as a
               result its
               libc doesn't match the kernel and the binaries will fail.

               I think you will need to upgrade all your zones too

               It might be something simple as "zoneadm detach"; "zoneadm
               attach -u" but
               make sure that you keep sufficient save sufficient
        information to
               reinstall the zones; and make sure you try this on one zone
               first before
               you detach all of them.  It might be possible to update the
               zones also
               using pkg -R<zoneroot>  image-update after you've
        mounted the root

           Thanks Casper!

           I really should tattoo "zoneadm detach"; "zoneadm attach
        -u" inside
           my eyelids!


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