On 8/22/2012 10:19 AM, Daniel Requena wrote:
> Hi Edward,
>    I believe i was not so clear about the problem.
>    I'm not trying to create vnics from inside the zone... I'm trying to
> run this command inside the container: "dladm create-bridge -P trill -l
> net0 mytrillBridge" (net0 being the vnic create from global zone).

I wouldn't expect that to work well in a zone.  For one thing, the TRILL
forwarding table isn't zone-aware.

If you need to run multiple instances of TRILL on a single system, you
can do that.  The design supports having multiple instances of TRILL,
and (using simnet links) can simulate complex networks.  See:


Because it's a bridging solution, and bridging takes place logically
below the layers that do VLANs and VNICs and the like, it uses physical

If you really need to keep it out of the global zone for some reason, I
think you'll need to run it in a VM.  But I don't understand the
scenario in which that would be required.

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