On 8/25/2012 1:49 PM, Daniel Requena wrote:
> James,
>     Thank you for you answer.
>      I had never though about running more than one instance of Trill on
> the same machine... simnet links are new to me... a quick search on
> Google didn't  give me much. Do you have any links about it?

Try searching "dladm simnet".  You should get a bunch of hits, including
this fairly practical one:


He was simulating routers, but the process is the same.  (And, in fact,
"simnet" links were added during our bridging/TRILL project in order to
test bridging and TRILL.)

On that site, you'll also find links to a separate driver you can
download and install called "hxbt:"


It looks like a variant of the "hitbox" driver we used to use at Sun for
testing WAN-related behavior.

>       There is no problem in running this simulation on the global
> zone... but the objective is to simulate a regular network running only
> regular bridges and then I would substitute bridges for Trill links (one
> by one). Can you see any problem doing that without virtualization?

No problem.  You just need a bunch of links to bridge together, and then
you can set up arbitrary instances of regular bridges (with or without
STP) and TRILL bridges.

Simnet links are just point-to-point, so they're perhaps not too
interesting if you're deeply concerned about details such as Appointed
Forwarder operation or DR election, at least on those links, but you can
use one or two real external Ethernet interfaces to probe those
behaviors as well.

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