Zope 2.8.1 with Five 1.1 and Zope 2.9 will come with integrated i18n support. Localizer / PTS are no longer needed.

CMF currently has limited i18n support and describes in INSTALL.txt how to use it with Localizer and TranslationService.

I propose the following changes on CMF trunk:

1.) Using zope.i18nmessageid.MessageIDFactory in Python code:

This allows to extract message strings with pygettext / zope3 tools and to set domain, mapping and default in Python code.

Each product will have a factory in utils.py that is used by Python code like this::

  from Products.CMFDefault.utils import CMFDefaultMessageID as _
  message = _('foo')

2.) Using different domains for different products:

While 'cmf_default' should be used by the core products (CMFCore, CMFDefault, CMFTopic, CMFSetup) I'd like to use 'cmf_calendar' for CMFCalendar.

This might cause some problems in the first place, but resolving these issues is necessary for third party add-ons.

3.) Adding a utility script for extracting i18n messages:

i18nextract.py is quite zope3 specific, but with some modifications it seems to work quite well for CMF. I'd like to add a modified i18nextract.py to the root of the CMF repository.

We could use that script to provide *.pot files in a CMFDefault/locale and CMFCalendar/locale.

4.) Adding i18n support for settings loaded from profiles:

This is the most difficult part and so far I just have some ideas.

One issue is extracting message strings. I hope to find a way to use the i18n namespace in profile XML files. This would allow to use the standard tools.

The other issue is handling some settings like 'Title' and 'Description' fields as MessageIDs. AFAICS a first step would be adding a 'domain' field to Actions and TypeInfos. Don't know if we can just use the old attributes and return MessageIDs instead of strings or if we need new attributes. This depends on possible backwards compatibility issues.

5.) Adding translations:

If someone wants to maintain one or more translations we could ship CMF with translations and enable the i18n machinery by default.

I'd like to work at least on the first 3 items for CMF 1.6. AFAICS this should not break anything on Zope 2.8.0. But maybe we should anyway make Zope 2.8.1 the required platform for CMF 1.6.

Any comments?



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