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For importing/exporting domain settings we have to extend CMFSetup and need new properties in the ZODB. Thinking a bit more about this we might have some trouble to write XML files containing i18n attributes. Is there an easy way to tell PageTemplateFile *not* to interpret i18n attributes?

I just tried:

<p tal:attributes="i18n:domain string:foo">lala</p>

and it seems to work...

The only problem I see with making these fields i18ned are encoding issues. Besides of that your use case should work with msgids as well: If there are no translations the default string is used.

Yeah, but I don't like the idea of calling a translation service for something that's not been specifically i18ned. For instance a translation service that records untranslated msgids will get spammed if we do this.

Nevertheless I like your idea to use an empty i18n domain for the backwards compatible "don't translate" mode.

If there are no important use cases for more fine grained settings I'd like to add *one* i18n_domain property per TypeInfo / Action and hardcode the set of properties that are delivered as msgids if i18n_domain is not empty.



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