Florent Guillaume wrote:
Dieter Maurer wrote:

yuppie wrote at 2005-8-9 19:11 +0200:

2.) Using different domains for different products:

While 'cmf_default' should be used by the core products (CMFCore, CMFDefault, CMFTopic, CMFSetup) I'd like to use 'cmf_calendar' for CMFCalendar.

Can we give "CMFCore" its own domain?

We would like to use "CMFCore" without any reference to

Frankly I hate domains. The less domains there are, the better. Myself, I'd much rather have a single "cmf" domain for everything in CMF. Let addon frameworks like Plone or CPS add their own for their own use, but I think it's folly to have several domains for pure CMF packages.

Does that mean you are voting against using 'cmf_calendar' in CMFCalendar?

The reason why I'd like to use a different domain for CMFCalendar is that CMFCalendar is our example add-on product. This way we *use* different domains for Actions and TypeInfos within the CMF, showing how to do that and making sure it works.

Cheers, Yuppie

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