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I told you twice that I'm concerned about using PortalTestCase:

Would be nice to get some feedback. Obviously you don't share those concerns. What do you propose to do if changes in CMF make a new version of PortalTestCase necessary?

Perhaps I wasn't clear earlier when I said that I thought we should ship
our own CMFDefaultTestCase with the CMF?  If I am understanding you
correctly, shipping a CMF-specific CMFDefaultTestCase should address your
dependency concerns.


Are you aware of the fact that test_Template304Handling.py depends on PortalTestCase? Do you plan to change that before merging your branch?

One other frustration: I was able to run my new tests in isolation, but
when I ran the whole test suite, they failed.  The problem appears to be
that somehow some things that happen in test_ActionProviderBase.py are not
being cleaned up before test_Template304Handling.py.  Some items placed in
the CMFSetup profile registry in test_ActionProviderBase.py are still
present when test_Template304Handling.py runs.  I added a workaround that
clears out profile_registry, but that shouldn't be necessary.  I don't
know if the problem is with the test runner or with
test_ActionProviderBase.py, but it's definitely bad that state from one
test is affecting another.  This problem appeared in both Zope 2.7.7 and
Zope 2.8.1.

I guess ZopeTestCase installs again products that are already installed. The registry raises errors if the same product is registered twice.

Not sure how to resolve this.

I believe that ZopeTestCase has some way of avoiding double imports since
we have big test suites in Plone that all do their own imports.  I don't
know the details, but perhaps Stefan Holek would?  I am not so sure it is
a ZopeTestCase specific problem -- perhaps things have been running fine
to date only because test_ActionProviderBase.py is the only test that does
these kinds of imports.

Two observations:

- The traceback in http://mail.zope.org/pipermail/zope-cmf/2005-September/022933.html shows that products *are* installed twice. This has nothing to do with a specific test like test_ActionProviderBase.py. This seems to be a general problem with running ZopeTestCase tests and other tests side by side.

- Even with your workaround the tests are failing if run together with CMFCalendar tests. Looks like the skin changes in CalendarRequestTests.setUp are not cleaned up correctly.



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