Hello zope-cmf-dev!

  I have a question about DCWorkflow, WorkflowTool and Acqusition.

  My  object,  during  change  state,  move  to  another folder and should 
  acqusition wrapper.

  workflow_tool = getToolByName( my_object, 'portal_workflow')
  workflow_tool.doActionFor( my_object, 'some_action' )
  # during doActionFor raised ObjectMoved but i don`t know about that in here
  # because WorkflowTool._invokeWithNotification shallow it.
  # so my_object has old acqusition wrapper.
  print aq_chain( my_object ) #wrong result

  my_object.reindexObject()   #   my_object  reindexed  on  the wrong path ( old
                              #  path), but my_object has new physical path :(

  i think i should subclassing from WorkflowTool and override doActionFor
  But    how    can   i   repaire   wrapper?  if  i  create  new  wrapper in the
  doActionFor,  method namespace has old wrapped object.

  Or may be i use WorkflowTool wrongly.

Best regards,
 Victor Safronovich
 NauMen.NauDoc.SoftwareDeveloper  http://www.naumen.ru

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