Rocky Burt wrote:
Raphael Ritz wrote:

Looking at INSTALL.txt from the CMF-1.6 bundle I found


   - Zope 2.8.1 or later

so I thought I'm on the safe side but digging deeper one
actually sees in GenericSetup.DEPENDENCIES.txt:

Zope >= 2.8.5
Five >= 1.2

So I got a Zope-2.8.5-final only to realize later that
this ships with Five-1.0.2 :-(

Your best bet is to install Zope 2.8.5-final and then install Five 1.2b
(in your instance home Products dir).  Not sure what other troubles Zope
2.9b1 would bring to the table here.

I'm currently working on having CPS work with CMF 1.6 branch and Zope 2.9 branch. I've had a few fixes to make already, today most things should work. A few more may come when I test deeper.


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