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Tres Seaver wrote:
I'd like to review the current status of a number of the CMF 2.0 roadmap
items, and ask for feedback from the community on how they fit into a
near-term release of a beta for CMF 2.0. In fact, I would like to
release an alpha this weekend, followed by a more-or-less feature
complete beta by the end of the month.  I have "posted a blog entry,",
summarizing what I think is the current status of the project.  Please
comment here on ths list, correcting my mistakes or omissions, as well
as responding to the "open questions" section.


There is also the goldegg-folder_contents branch which contains a quick 'n' dirty folder_contents view. I can try to port it to the tseaver-viewification branch.

As long as we don't have a solution for the local skin customization I'd not like to see the views enabled by default. What about keeping the old skins as default for 2.0? People who want to use the views instead can easily enable them using ZCML.


I believe it was the Right Thing to split responsibilities for content setup and configuration setup. This way we were able to move faster forward. But the downside is that we implemented similar tasks in different ways. Don't know if trying to share more code is worth the effort.

At least we should find a solution for the minimal site structure currently set up by CMFDefault.setuphandlers.importVarious. I tried to use the content handler for that, but that adds the complete site content to a snapshot. Any ideas how to resolve this? I'd really like to get rid of importVarious.

Required Zope Version

+1 for dropping Zope 2.8 support



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