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First, many thanks to all who have contributed toe the CMF 2.0 effort!

I'd like to review the current status of a number of the CMF 2.0 roadmap
items, and ask for feedback from the community on how they fit into a
near-term release of a beta for CMF 2.0. In fact, I would like to
release an alpha this weekend, followed by a more-or-less feature
complete beta by the end of the month.  I have "posted a blog entry,",
summarizing what I think is the current status of the project.  Please
comment here on ths list, correcting my mistakes or omissions, as well
as responding to the "open questions" section.

What a nice surprise :) I had no idea this was so far along. Great effort!

Are the new features documented or demonstrated anywhere in particular? This would make it easier for Plone to know how to take advantage of CMF 2, for instance.

The only thing that bothers me is the lack of local skin customisations. Does that mean that there is *no* way to e.g. overide document_view.pt or whatever else? Or just no TTW way? In fact, I'm -1 on releasing with either limitation, but I think having no way of doing local skin customisations is a major drawback, and would be show-stopper as far as I'm concerned. At least in the Plone sphere, skin customisations is generally the first thing people do, and one of the things that make them like the stack - how easy it is to make UI-level changes (which is all a lot of people want to do). Do I have to make a package, with new content type and a pile of ZCML just because I want my Description to be at the bottom rather than the top of my Document view? That's a fairly drastic reduction in functionality and friendliness for the average Joe, don't you think?



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