Before I check in my implementation for the registerProfile directive I have some questions:

1.) What would be the right namespace? AFAICS GenericSetup should have its own namespace - something like http://namespaces.zope.org/genericsetup. Or is a new namespace for one directive overkill? Can we use the five namespace?

2.) ZCML already has a package context, so we don't have to specify 'product' in the directive. I hope this always works::

    product = _context.package.__name__

While currently 'product' is just the id of the product (like 'CMFDefault') and only looked up in Products the directive will set 'product' to the full module name (like 'Products.CMFDefault'). I propose to deprecate the old way of specifying 'product'.

I hope this simple BBB solution is sufficient: 'product' is first looked up in Products. If the profile can't be found there, 'product' is handled as a module name. Risk: Products is searched first, so if a product with the same id and the same profile directory is found the wrong profile is registered for a non-Product package.

3.) CMF 1.6.1 beta is already released. Are there plans to include an updated GenericSetup in the final release? I can't guarantee my checkin will cause no problems, so we would at least need additional testing.

Any comments?



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