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On 6 Jun 2006, at 09:11, yuppie wrote:
3.) CMF 1.6.1 beta is already released. Are there plans to include an updated GenericSetup in the final release? I can't guarantee my checkin will cause no problems, so we would at least need additional testing.

It doesn't look like what you're changing is a "must have" for 1.6.1, so if all else fails I can always create a tag "just before" your checkin. Unfortunately we don't have any time for another beta due to the last minute notice about Plone 2.5.

Sure it's no "must have" for 1.6.1. But if the Plone people want to have it and make sure it's sufficiently tested I would not mind if it goes into the 1.6.1 release.

Is there a way to test for potential breakage via unit test so that I could judge if something works alright by running the unit tests in a CMF 1.6 setup?

AFAICS the change can't break anything if the new features are not used. The potential problem is that profiles registered the new way are registered slightly different (module name instead of product name, i18n messages instead of strings) and some parts of the GenericSetup machinery or third party products might not tolerate that.

The basic unit tests I have for the new directive run fine on CMF 1.6. Of course more unit tests can help to minimize the risk but I'm not going to write additional tests. I think it is more important to have some real life beta testing.



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