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Yves Bastide wrote:
GenericSetup has problems handling non-ASCII data.

1.) GenericSetup explicitly doesn't support non-UTF-8 XML in profiles. UTF-8 is the default encoding for XML and I can't see a need to support other XML encodings.

2.) GenericSetup explicitly doesn't support non-UTF-8 site settings. If someone provides a good patch this feature can be added.

3.) GenericSetup is not tested with non-ASCII UTF-8 site settings. AFAIK import works, but not export. I consider this a bug.

It treats strings sometimes as ASCII, sometimes as UTF-8, yet it has access to two variables: its own ISetupContext.getEncoding() (whose use I didn't fully grok) and CMF's ISetupContext.getSite().getProperty('default_charset').

Sorry, but your assumptions are wrong:

- The default setup tool creates export contexts without specifying the encoding, so ISetupContext.getEncoding() returns always None. And even if it would be set it represents the encoding of the exported files, not the site encoding.

- getSite().getProperty('default_charset') is CMF specific and should not be used in GenericSetup.

- The adapters adapt ISetupEnviron, not ISetupContext. getEncoding() and getSite() are not always available.

Attached is a patch using both of them and somewhat working in my setup. Can knowledgeable people comment on it before I enter a collector issue? (I'm using GS alongside with CPS, which also needs some patching; yet basic things, such as exporting-importing an iso8859-15 Title in a CMF charset-default'ed to iso8859-15, should work)

First of all we need unit tests that make sure UTF-8 works and I think this should be the default used by GenericSetup. Code that needs to know how to find the site encoding can't be generic.

There is an additional problem: If tools use the default property edit page from OFS the properties might have a different encoding than 'default_charset' of the site. Since the default 'management_page_charset' is UTF-8 we have less trouble if we allow only UTF-8.



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