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Yves Bastide wrote:

I know of at least one point, ZPublisher.Converters (field2string). However by the time a supposedly unicode string (say title:UTF-8:string) comes here, it's already iso8859. Will look deeper ...

Well, should have looked up in the call stack.
ZPublisher.HTTPRequest.processInputs, lines 527sq (Zope trunk):

527: item = unicode(item,character_encoding)
528: if hasattr(converter,'convert_unicode'):
529:     item = converter.convert_unicode(item)
530: else:
531:     item = converter(item.encode(default_encoding))

converter is field2string, default_encoding is ZPublisher.HTTPRequest.default_encoding = 'iso-8859-15' (not to mistake for ZPublisher.Converters.default_encoding = 'iso-8859-15').

These default_encoding's are set by Zope2.Startup.datatypes.default_zpublisher_encoding (i.e. zope.conf's default-zpublisher-encoding directive).

Of course, just setting default-zpublisher-encoding to utf-8 results in a garbled ZMI ...


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