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Yves Bastide wrote:
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Here's a minimal patch for GenericSetup not to raise on the previous case (Demonstration product. Not for sale.)


With this applied, Portàl (u'Port\xe0l'), which becomes 'Port\xc3\xa0l', is displayed as Portà l ... Zope does input--output properties in utf-8, but stores them in iso8859. Sigh.

I was afraid this would be complex :(
That's why I only use ASCII in configuration data.

Can you find out why it stores them in iso8859? Is this hardcoded or configurable somewhere?

Thanks for setting me right. What's the usefulness of getEncoding()? As you say, exported files don't need to be other than utf-8 encoded.

I guess it just exists for historical reasons.

Might it be removed, or default'ed to utf-8? Do people already rely on it?

Don't know if third party products use it. I guess if CPS doesn't nobody does.

AFAICS it could be deprecated at least for export contexts.

Well, I think I can wriggle out of most of my problems using translation. And I'll try and write UTF-8 unit tests if nobody beats me to it.

That would be great.

Hmm, by adding to an existing test suite, or creating a new one?

In general the unit tests have a module / class structure similar to the tested units. E.g. tests for utils.PropertyManagerHelpers should be added to test_utils.PropertyManagerHelpersTests. But sometimes there are reasons to add a new test suite, e.g. if you need a different setup.



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