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yuppie wrote:

As you already mentioned setting default-zpublisher-encoding to 'utf-8' doesn't really work. Just found that DT_Util.join_unicode has 'latin-1' hardcoded, so properties with other encodings are not supported by manage_propertiesForm.

Given that I don't think we have to support other default_zpublisher_encodings than 'latin-1'.

As AJ answered me (http://article.gmane.org/gmane.comp.web.zope.devel/11655), Unicode properties should use the u- types (ustring, utext). So the way to proceed could be:

Well. So far we talked about utf-8 encoded strings, not about Python unicode objects.

* document that only iso-8859-1 \inter default_encoding string/text properties are supported


* ensure that the unicode types work (e.g., TarballExportContext.writeDataFile don't accept unicode text)


* change GenericSetup users (CMF, CPS) to use u* when needed (e.g. title, description). Yep, sure :-)

If we don't switch directly to a Zope3 style schema+form solution. Anyway we have to provide a migration path for the persistent iso-8859-1 strings. That is a big project. Volunteers are welcome.



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