Am 25.10.2007 um 12:37 schrieb Jens Vagelpohl:

Can we have a show of hands, so to speak?

Given my minimal contribution so far I will abstain.

However, before any "vote" is taken I think it is important to discuss the issues. OTOH imagine how elections would work if we were required to provide justifications for our votes!

0) Jens - get yerself a better browser! ;-) FFS Omniweb :-D OTOH I also complain bitterly when one thing does not work with my favourite tool. Eventually I grew up and swapped NetPositive fer Opera ! :-P hm, the footer doesn't work proply with Opera 9.5!!!

1) I like the Canonical team: Steve Alexander is top and Gustavo Niemeyer has come up with a very reasonable ORM for Launchpad.

2) Data protection: hosting on might raise data protection issues for existing users.

3) I'm not particularly attached to the Zope collector but the UI for Launchpad isn't brilliant either. Trac's UI is lovely but its data model is totally borked. I'm planning to take a look at Roundup but the argument for consolidating Zope + CMF bugs on a single system is extremely persuasive.

4) It's great when someone else does the work for you and this should be underestimated.

5) E-mail integration: this has to work properly and should include reply by e-mail and reflect user preferences for whole or incremental history.

In conclusion: I'm still abstaining because, although the arguments for the "automated" migration are strong, we are under no time pressure and might like to see some features added before any migration.

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